We at EU VINTAGE have always been proud of making our contribution to the environment by recycling vintage pieces of furniture.

Scientific research shows that buying Vintage Furniture reduces carbon footprint and CO2 emissions significantly compared to the complete product life cycle, because of less production, raw material sourcing and logistics, this makes buying vintage items for your home arguably the “greenest” way of furnishing a home.

A new (made in China) chest of drawers has a carbon footprint 16 times higher than the antique equivalent per year, according to research commissioned by the International Antiques and Collectors Fairs (IACF).

Another great advantage of buying vintage furniture is that most items were designed and made by specialists who wanted to be true to the organic style they had in mind and produced a quality that is rarely seen these days.

Most furniture we are selling at EU VINTAGE is now over 60 years old and, on its way, to become classic antiques for in the future, a lot of these items will gain greatly in price and would arguably be a great investment.


Recycling of packaging, EU VINTAGE has an arrangement with a large removal company, whereby we are reusing a lot of their packaging materials and cardboard boxes, which we use to send our stuff away.